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Advertise with us. We offers advertising opportunities in our daily email newsletters and on our website to vetted organizations and businesses.

High Quality, Affordable Ads

The Athens County Independent offers advertising opportunities in our email newsletters and on our website to vetted organizations and businesses. The Indy’s platform is a great way to reach a hyper-local audience of residents in Athens County.

Build Awareness, Reach Local Communities, Drive Conversions

On Mondays and Wednesdays, our emails arrive in the inboxes of over 1,100 local readers. As an exclusive newsletter sponsor, you will get great brand recognition while supporting community-focused journalism. Our newsletter ads take up more screen real estate than traditional web ads, allowing for custom content resulting in better engagement.

Looking for something different? We are happy to discuss larger opportunities for underwritten content and other custom sponsorships.

You Can Make a Difference

Sponsoring the Athens County Independent is one way to fund our work; helping us pay our staff and cover costs like running our website.


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Please note that our advertising partners undergo a vetting process to ensure messaging is consistent with our values. We are selective about advertising partners in order to maintain the trust and loyalty we’ve built with our highly engaged audience. Learn more below.

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