For democracy to survive, we must find common ground

At the heart of our problems is a struggle between those who devalue others different from themselves and those who value the broad spectrum of humanity.

To the editor:

August 8 was a good day for democracy in Ohio. Not only were Republican operatives rebuffed for their attack on citizens’ rights but hopes to codify reproductive rights in Ohio’s constitution remain alive. Women still have control over their own bodies . . . at least for now.

Many Ohioans stood up against the malignant forces in this state who follow so-called national leaders such as Jim Jordan, J. D. Vance, Ted Cruz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, James Comer, Matt Gaetz, Paul Gosar, and the list goes on . . . people determined to undermine the values of democratic representation for ALL Americans.


Make no mistake. Those attempting to impose a distorted Christian belief system dominated by white, male, wealth-obsessed authoritarians will continue to do so by any means necessary. It is only through the unified efforts of current voters standing against them repeatedly that their attacks will fail.

At the heart of our current problems is a basic struggle between those who choose to devalue others different from themselves and those who value the broad spectrum of humanity.

The only way democracy will survive is for the majority of Americans to find common ground. We all love, laugh, cry, and mourn. We care for our children, struggle with day-to-day issues of caring for our families, and find value in living productive lives, etc.

All our lives would be improved if adults followed a basic social contract: “We will talk openly and honestly, without anger and threats, about who we are, what we need and expect from one another, and why. We will not impose our own beliefs and values on those who do not share them. We will support health, happiness and success for all. Those who cannot follow the terms of this contract will be sent to their rooms until they are ready to talk rationally and respectfully.”

Simple concepts. If we had followed them, there would have been no need for the August election or the rancor in Ohio and the rest of the nation.
Who knows? If we start now, we might still have time to save our children and grandchildren from lives ruled and ruined by petty despots.

Ron Luce

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