Edwards comment spreads disinformation

When asked about his no vote on the special election, Edwards chose to spread disinformation about a proposed amendment on the November ballot.

To the editor:

The other week an article was featured in the Athens County Independent with a direct quote from Jay Edwards, the representative for the 94th District in the Ohio House of Representatives. Edwards was one of only five House Republicans who voted against SJR 2, the Senate Joint Resolution that created the August Special Election and Issue 1. Though when asked about his reasoning behind voting no on SJR 2, Edwards instead chose to focus on spreading blatant disinformation about the proposed Reproductive Freedom Amendment, which will be on the ballot for Ohioans to vote on this November.

The clearly written language of the amendment, which is publicly available, states that every individual has a right to make and carry out one’s own reproductive decisions. This includes but is not limited to contraception, fertility treatment, continuing one’s own pregnancy, miscarriage care, and abortion. The opposition knows that a majority of Ohioans are in favor of reproductive healthcare rights, with recent polling showing about 58% in support of the amendment. This is why those opposed to our freedoms resort to fearmongering and spreading blatant lies.

The outcome of the August election will not only drastically affect the passage of the Right to Reproductive Freedom Amendment in November, but every single citizen-led ballot initiative Ohio voters attempt to place on the ballot from then on. Don’t let corrupt politicians take away our rights to the ballot and our bodies, vote No in August and Yes in November.

Natalie Johnson
Athens, Ohio

Natalie Johnson is an organizer for ACLU of Ohio.


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