The Indy Bulletin Board: Athens County Public Meetings & Local News Roundup 1/23-1/28/2023

Local news and public meetings in Athens County for the week of 1/23/2023.

Local news roundup

The Southeast Ohio Food Bank continues to have issues meeting the needs of low-income people in Athens County and surrounding areas due to limited state funding. (WOUB)

A new photo exhibit celebrating Appalachian women encourages all “to find pride in their Appalachian identity and heritage.” (The Post)

“I feel like I deserve to be treated better.” OU grad students are advocating for better wages and healthcare benefits. (WOUB)


Local dog shelters are approaching capacity — adopt today! (The Post)

OU’s trustees approved a new development strategy for The Ridges, which includes creating a new government entity to oversee its transition to a mixed-use complex including housing. There will be three town halls in February and March where community members can provide input. (OU)

Trustees also approved the building of a new $14 million, 600-bed student housing complex on South Green. (OU)

The rural Athens County roads around OU are providing “an incredible opportunity to test automated vehicles in rural areas” for a new state program studying AV usage. (Columbus Dispatch)

Even as the population it serves has grown, the staffing for the Athens Fire Department has remained mostly stagnant since the ‘80s. And even though some construction work has started on the new fire station on Stimson Avenue, the land hasn’t actually changed hands from OU to the city yet; that needs to wait for the State Controlling Board to meet next month. (The Post, Athens Messenger)

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The Athens County Commission was encouraged to create a countywide Community Reinvestment Area to provide benefits to developers building in Athens County by Mollie Fitzgerald, director of the Athens County Economic Development Council. (Athens Messenger)

The Buckeye Hills Regional Council, the regional community development agency for southeast Ohio, named longtime employee Melissa Zoller to head its new planning division. (BHRC)

The Ohio GOP attempted to censure State Rep. Jay Edwards (R-Nelsonville) for being one of the breakaway Republicans to side with Democrats in elevating Jason Stephens to house speaker. The Athens County GOP, which Edwards leads, declined to follow the censure order. (Athens Messenger)

Scott Fitch, the former Nelsonville Police chief who was appointed Meigs County Sheriff in November, says that he is “a working sheriff, which means I am in the office daily…. I will do any part of the job from investigation of crimes to transporting suspects to court, and to jail when needed.” As the Independent has reported, his previous employer, the Ohio BCI, found that he had credibility issues that would prevent him from fulfilling his duties as a law enforcement officer, including credibly testifying in court. (Meigs Independent Press)

The next round of redistricting in Ohio will be driven by a new right-wing majority on the Ohio Supreme Court and an unknown quantity in new house speaker Jason Stephens. Most experts don’t expect many significant changes to happen to the current map. (Bolts, Ohio Capital Journal)

Ohio’s new voter ID law excludes state veterans’ IDs from eligibility. (Ohio Capital Journal)

Public meetings

Meeting schedule is based on meeting notices published by public bodies and regular meeting schedules. Meeting information may change after this is posted. Check this post for the most up-to-date information.

Monday, 1/23:

12 p.m.: Hocking Athens Perry Community Action Board of Directors has a regular bimonthly meeting at Hocking Athens Perry Community Action, 3 Cardaras Dr., Glouster. In-person only.

1 p.m.: Buckeye Hills Regional Council Broadband Committee has a meeting at the Buckeye Hills Regional Council, 1400 Pike St., Marietta. In-person only.

4 p.m.: Athens County Children Services Board has a regular monthly meeting at the Ohio Child Welfare Training Program Southeast Ohio Regional Training Center, ste. A, 2099 E. State St., Athens. In-person only. Agenda

5 p.m.: Athens-Hocking-Vinton Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services (317) Board & Executive Committee have regular monthly meetings at the Athens-Hocking-Vinton Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services (317) Board, 7990 Dairy Ln., Athens, and over Zoom (only for full board meeting). Executive Committee Agenda, full board Agenda

7 p.m.: Athens City Council has regular biweekly committee meetings at the Athens City Building, 3rd fl., 8 E. Washington St., Athens, and over livestream. Agenda

Indy Context: The council’s Planning & Development Committee will consider a new contract with influential economic development firm Sunday Creek Horizons; the Transportation Committee will hear an update from the city’s Ad Hoc Committee on Pedestrian Accessibility and about the city’s West Washington Street sidewalk improvements project; and the City & Safety Services Committee will discuss legislation allowing items, not just food, to be sold at the Athens Farmers Market, a point of contention in recent Recreation Advisory Board meetings.

7 p.m.: Nelsonville City Council has a regular biweekly meeting at the Nelsonville City Hall, 211 Lake Hope Dr., Nelsonville, and over livestream. Agenda

Indy Context: The council will consider legislation “authorizing the city auditor to accept, approve, authorize, and enter into agreements to collect money for prior findings of recovery and restitution.” As the Independent reported last week, former City Manager Scott Frank resigned earlier this month after signing an agreement to provide the city restitution for some $3,000 his child was paid for working at the city pool over the summer.

Tuesday, 1/24:

9:30 a.m.: Athens County Commission has a regular weekly meeting at the Athens County Courthouse, 15 S. Court St., 2nd fl. annex, commissioners’ conference rm., Athens, and over Zoom. Agenda

5:15 p.m.: United Campus Ministry Board of Directors has a regular monthly meeting at the United Campus Ministry Center, basement, 18 N. College St., Athens. In-person only. Agenda

5:30 p.m.: Athens Township Board of Trustees has a regular biweekly meeting at the Athens Township Hall, 313 W. Union St., Athens. In-person only. Agenda

Wednesday, 1/25:

9 a.m.: Corrections Commission of Southeast Ohio has a regular monthly meeting at the Southeast Ohio Regional Jail, 16678 Wolfe Bennett Rd., Nelsonville. In-person only.

12 p.m.: Athens Metropolitan Housing Authority Board of Commissioners has an annual organizational meeting at the Prisley-Wells Commissioner Building, 10 Hope Dr., Athens. In-person only.

5 p.m.: Jacksonville Village Council has a work session to discuss prioritizing projects for 2023 at the Jacksonville Municipal Building, 34 S. 6th St., Jacksonville. In-person only.

6 p.m.: Athens-Meigs Educational Service Center Board of Governors has a regular biweekly meeting at the Athens-Meigs Educational Service Center, 21 Birge Dr., Chauncey. In-person only. Agenda

6:30 p.m.: Federal Valley Resource Center Board of Directors has a regular monthly meeting at the Federal Valley Resource Center, 8225 OH-329, Stewart. In-person only.

Thursday, 1/26:

11 a.m.: Athens County Court of Common Pleas Judge Patrick Lang has a status hearing in the criminal prosecution of former Nelsonville-York coach Robert Cassady for alleged sex with a student at the Athens County Courthouse, courtrm. B, 15 S. Court St., Athens. In-person only. Scheduling Order

4:30 p.m.: Jacksonville Village Council & committees have a regular monthly meeting at the Jacksonville Fire Station, 34 S. 6th St., Jacksonville. In-person only.

7 p.m.: League of Women Voters of Athens County Board has a regular monthly meeting over Zoom, available by request. Agenda

7 p.m.: Trimble Township Board of Trustees has a regular monthly meeting at the Trimble Township Building, 14 Town St., Glouster. In-person only. Agenda

Friday, 1/27:

No public meetings

Saturday, 1/28:

8 a.m.: Troy Township Board of Trustees has a regular monthly meeting at the Troy Township Office, 25600 Brimstone Rd., Coolville. In-person only. Agenda

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