Voters approve nearly all township levies, reject one

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Athens County voters approved local levies, rejecting only one, while passing issues permitting alcohol sales at various locations as well, according to preliminary election results.

One levy fails
Albany voted on an additional tax to support current village expenses, which failed with 43.09% of voters in favor.


Other levies pass
Voters in Alexander Township, excluding the village of Albany, approved a replacement levy for fire protection services, with 63.06% voting in favor.

Albany approved a renewal levy to support fire protection services; it passed with 71.61% of the vote. 

Meanwhile, voters in the village of Amesville passed two replacement levies: one to fund the police department, approved with 72.84% of the vote, and one to support current village expenses, approved with 74.07% of the vote. 

Voters in Athens Township served by the Richland Volunteer Fire Department renewed a tax to support fire protection services, with 80.09% of the vote. Voters served by The Plains Volunteer Fire Department also renewed their fire protection service levy, with 72.59% of the vote.

Bern Township voters renewed a tax to support road maintenance with 73.26% voting in favor.

In Canaan Township, 80.79% of voters renewed a tax to support fire protection services, while 69.51% of voters approved a replacement levy to support the maintenance and operation of cemeteries. 

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Dover Township voters, excluding those in Chauncey, passed with 55.25% of the vote an additional tax to support streets, roads and bridges.

Voters in Lee Township renewed two levies, both for fire protection and emergency services, with 68.29% voting in favor of one and 66.47% voting in favor of another. The exact same language was used for the two issues, labeled 19 and 20 on the ballot.

In Lodi Township, a renewal of a levy to support cemetery maintenance saw 63.95% vote in favor, while a replacement of a levy to support road maintenance saw 67.75% vote in favor.

Rome Township voters also approved a road maintenance replacement levy, with 69.34% of the vote.

In York Township, excluding the City of Nelsonville, 76.26% of voters supported a renewal levy for fire protection services.

The village of Jacksonville saw voters support its current operating expenses, with 67.36% approving a renewal levy.

The village of Trimble saw three renewal levies on the ballot: one to support permanent improvements (meaning properties, assets or improvements that will last five years or more); one to support current expenses; and one to support fire protection services. The levies passed with 54.67%, 53.33% and 57.33% approving them respectively.

In Waterloo Township, 67.03% of voters supported a renewal levy to support road maintenance.

Alcohol sales
Through two issues, Lodi Township voters approved the sale of beer, wine and mixed beverages at the Lodi General Store in Shade, including on Sundays. Sunday sales were approved by 62.12%, while 33.88% supported sales on the other six days of the week.

In the City of Athens, voters in precinct 3-5, approved Sunday wine and mixed beverage sales by Par Mar Oil on Columbus Road with 84.16% of the vote. Meanwhile, for another Par Mar Oil on North Plains Road in The Plains, 69.97% of Circle Hill voters in Dover Township approved Sunday wine and mixed beverage sales.

Isabel Nissley and Malaya Tindongan contributed to this reporting.

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